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The goals for our company are quite simple; listen to our clients, provide quality service with a personal touch and be extremely responsive.


Because these goals have always been instilled in our staff it has allowed us to say that none of our existing clients have ever strayed to one of our competitors. This unprecedented record is the result of our quality work, attention to detail and listening to our clients’ needs.

The principal staff members of Francisco & Associates have over fifty years of public financing and municipal engineering experience.

About Us

Meet The Team

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Joe Francisco, Founder

Mr. Francisco has more than 30 years of professional Public Financing and Municipal Engineering experience, including 12 in the public sector before forming Francisco & Associates. He has served as Principal in Charge and Technical Advisor for the formation and administration of over 100 Special Financing Districts pursuant to the Landscape & Lighting Act of 1972, Mello-Roos Community Facilities District, Fire Suppression District Act, 1913 Municipal Improvement Act, Benefit Assessment Act of 1982 and Special Fee and Tax Districts. 


Joe grew up in Southern California and is a proud San Diego State Aztec. When not at the office, he enjoys spending quality time with his children, Nikki and CJ, attending sporting and music events, and relaxing at his favorite vacation destination – Hawaii.


Ed Espinoza, Principal

Mr. Espinoza joined F&A in 2013 and has assisted public agencies throughout the state of California in creating and implementing innovative benefit assessment and tax methodologies, performing various types of audits, and in the formation and administration of several Special Financing Districts including Geological Hazard Abatement Districts, Landscape & Lighting Assessment Districts, Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts, and Special Fee and Tax Districts. Prior to joining F&A, he was a project engineer for several years working on public and private sector projects responsible for the preparation of due diligence reports pertaining to potential commercial and residential development, civil improvement plans preparation, stormwater quality and drainage design related to general civil and roadway projects, creating large-scale watershed management plans, GIS analysis and mapping, and performing environmental impact studies.


Ed is a University of Florida alumni and in his spare time he enjoys being an avid Gators fan, attending music and sporting events, traveling, and being outdoors.


Silke Anderson, Senior Analyst

With over a decade of professional experience in Public Financing, Ms. Anderson brings a wealth of expertise to her role. As a Senior Analyst, she has dedicated her career to supporting public agencies across California in the establishment and management of various Special Financing Districts. Her comprehensive understanding spans key legislative acts such as the Landscape & Lighting Act of 1972, Mello-Roos Community Facilities District, 1913 Municipal Improvement Act, Benefit Assessment Act of 1982, and Special Fee and Tax Districts. Silke has been instrumental in developing assessment and special tax databases, crafting maintenance budget spreadsheets, and preparing essential documents. 

Originally from Germany, Silke relocated to the United States following her law school education. She commenced her tenure with F&A at the San Ramon office before transitioning to our Southern California branch a decade ago. Beyond her professional commitments, Silke finds joy in her role as a mother to two energetic boys. Weekends often find them on the soccer field or exploring the coastal beauty of the beach and surrounding outdoors.


Anthony Hernandez, Senior Project Analyst

Mr. Hernandez brings fresh expertise to the F&A team, having graduated from California State University San Marcos with a degree in Business Finance. As a valuable team member, Anthony aids principals in database development, specializing in GIS mapping. Additionally, he extends crucial support to our diverse clientele, offering annual administration services for financing districts, including Community Facilities Districts and Landscape and Lighting Districts.

Originally hailing from Murrieta, CA, Anthony cherishes moments spent with his wife and their extended families.


Beyond his professional commitments, he finds joy in frequent sports outings with his buddies, fostering both personal and professional connections within his community.

In loving memory of 

Jennifer White

She was an exceptional  wife, a loving mother, a devoted  daughter and sister, and a kind-hearted friend. She was smart, generous, and creative.  Jenn filled our lives with love, support, understanding, and lots of laughter. 

 She started her engineering career at Berryman & Henigar where she met Joe. Together they started Francisco & Associates in 2001.

Her genuine, bubbly personality charmed so many. Because of her amazing strength, hopeful heart, and bright smile, she danced her way through life.


Jordan Brown, E.I.T Project Analyst

Since joining F&A in July 2021, Mr. Brown has played an integral role in supporting the administration of Special Financing Districts. Collaborating closely with principals, Jordan contributes expertise in district formations, annexations, GIS mapping, data analysis, audits, budget analysis, and various administrative projects spanning multiple financing district types. With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Jordan seamlessly applies analytical prowess and problem-solving skills to the realm of California public finance.

Outside the office, Jordan thrives on quality time with family and friends. He finds joy in staying active through sports, hiking, camping, embarking on road trips, and relishing the serenity of beach outings.


Brandon Holzhauer,
E.I.T Associate Engineer

Mr. Holzhauer, a seasoned addition to the F&A team, assumes a pivotal role in supporting the Principal-In-Charge across diverse project facets. With a focus on meticulous database development, precise GIS mapping, and adept management of Proposition 218 proceedings, Brandon is instrumental in driving project success. His specialized expertise lies in the formation and administration of special financing districts, coupled with a knack for scrutinizing reimbursement requests for bond-funded endeavors. Brandon's proficiency extends to the realm of public financing projects, where he has been pivotal in steering fee districts, maintenance assessment districts, and overseeing construction cost audit services.

Prior to joining F&A, Brandon honed his skills as a land development engineer, contributing significantly to large-scale residential developments across Southern California. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University, Brandon's academic foundation complements his hands-on experience in the field.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Brandon's passion for Southern California living is evident in his love for surfing and exploration of new destinations. He cherishes quality time spent with friends, enriching his life beyond the realm of work.


Maxwell Goins, E.I.T Project Analyst

Mr. Goins, a recent addition to the F&A team, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. A graduate of Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, Maxwell is currently an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) on the path towards obtaining his Professional Engineer (PE) license.


Prior to joining F&A, he served as the Project Manager for Asotin County, Washington, where he spearheaded grant-funded Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) within the Public Works Department, overseeing a range of departmental functions.

Maxwell's transition to Southern California was fueled not only by professional aspirations but also by a desire to bask in the warmth of the California sun. At F&A, he leverages his background and expertise to provide invaluable support to the principals, particularly in the meticulous administration of various Special Financing Districts. His responsibilities encompass a spectrum of tasks, including GIS mapping, district auditing, engineering analysis, and database development.

Beyond the office, Maxwell finds joy in spending quality time with his wife, whether it's soaking up the sun at the beach, exploring local thrift stores, indulging in his passion for vinyl records, or strumming tunes on his guitar.


Michelle Agg, Administrative Manager

Mrs. Agg is a seasoned administrative professional with over a decade of diverse experience across Southern California's business landscape. Her expertise spans operational efficiency, human resources, marketing support, and office administration.

Since joining F&A in 2016, Michelle has been instrumental in driving the organization's success. She oversees crucial aspects such as new staff onboarding, office organization, accounts payable and receivable, employee benefits administration, and fostering a vibrant company culture.

A California native, from Carlsbad, CA, Michelle's commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional roles. Holding a CDA Credential in Early Childhood Education, she embodies a dedication to continuous learning and growth. Outside of work, Michelle cherishes moments with her husband and two children, often venturing into travel adventures to explore new horizons.

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