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Special Financing District Formation and Annual Administration Services

Increasing costs and limited resources created by the approval of Proposition 13, makes it hard for cities, counties, schools and special districts to provide all the infrastructure, maintenance and services desired by their constituents.  

Our team of municipal engineers and public finance professionals have the expertise and experience to assist each municipality with identifying new financing and funding strategies, establishing the revenue stream that best meets the needs of communities, and the ongoing administration required to ensure compliance with state statutes and that revenues are managed efficiently and effectively.  

Special Financing District Audit and Consulting Services 

No two municipalities are alike, nor are the systems they utilize internally. For this reason, municipalities need a firm that specializes in performing a variety of auditing and other customized consulting services to ensure that every dollar of revenue is captured and that project expenditures are reviewed and processed by industry experts. 

Since 2001, Francisco & Associates has been a resource to public agencies across the state in providing a variety of auditing services and providing other customized municipal engineering, financial, and managerial solutions.  

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

GIS integrates many types of data by analyzing spatial location and organizing layers of information into visualizations.  Our team of professionals specialize in taking large amounts of data from any database format and converting such information into visual maps that can be easily read and understood by anybody.


 We understand the importance of taking data and putting it into a usable format that can inform decision making.  

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