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Acalanes Union High School District

Senior Citizen Parcel Tax Reduction Claim

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Must be filed by May 1, 2021 to be effective for FY 2021-22

To be completed by the person aged 65 or older who owns and resides at the property for which the tax reduction is claimed.

Note: You do NOT need to reapply annually. This exemption is NOT based on income and does NOT apply to Acalanes Bonds. If you move out or sell your interest in the property, you must inform the District.

Primary Owner Name:

Phone number invalid

Secondary Owner Name:

If entering a second owner you must also submit supporting documentation on the next step.

Property Address:

Invalid Zip Code

Invalid Zip Code

Assessor Parcel Number: (without dashes)


Accessor Parcel Number MUST be a 9 digit number

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